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And if you’re really enjoying the Keyword Planner then you can check out the popular book on Amazon called, AdWords Workbook, to learn more about researching keywords and advertising. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool is free to use and it is easy to gain keyword ideas from it.

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And if you’re really enjoying the Keyword Planner then you can check out the popular book on Amazon called, AdWords Workbook, to learn more about researching keywords and advertising. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool is free to use and it is easy to gain keyword ideas from it. Open Site Explorer is a free tool that has been developed by Moz to allow users to look at data for every domain name. There are a paid version and a free version of the plugin. Basically, once your server has gone through the process of sending your website’s files over to a user, it then stores a static copy of that version of the website. Loading files asynchronously can speed up your pages because when a browser loads a page, it moves from top to bottom. Repeat the laborious process of compiling your site’s files and sending them out to every visitor. The second scenario is ideal as it drastically cuts down the time between the visitor request and when the website shows on their screen.

W3 Total Cache also handles browser caching.

Website content must be unique and worth something to the website visitor. As one among the many SEO and Internet marketing solutions offered by experts in the field, a content management system can be an asset to your website and help you reach out to thousands if not millions via your content. One of the great things about WordPress caching plugins is that they don’t just cache your content. The caching mechanism from WP Fastest Cache is pretty straightforward: apply server caching to your WordPress site, but always be on the lookout for newly created or updated content. W3 Total Cache also handles browser caching. To start, it handles server-side caching (described above). To get a good head start, we have also overviewed the most crucial WordPress speed and optimization techniques with a few security tips. You might think that the other successful bloggers have too much of a head start. It is undoubtedly the best WP SEO plugin available for bloggers.

  • Use mod_rewrite to deliver static pages
  • Better Click to Tweet
  • Use the power of visual content
  • All custom fields are saved on the same line
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  • Transient options
  • Redirect all of your HTTP traffic and links to HTTPS

One of the best ways to test the security of your network is to use the same tools hackers are likely to be using. Many of them lived on the same DNS (i.e. the main URL of the website). TTL Time To Live, essentially how long DNS records are cached for across the internet. While browser-side caching is something your visitors control, you can use this plugin to directly communicate with browsers and let them know there’s a cached copy available. What’s nice about this plugin is that it also allows you (as the admin) to decide what is cached and for how long (if you even want that kind of control). WP Compress allows you to speed up your website with just 1-click by optimizing images to decrease file size so that your images load faster on all devices. There are, of course, other things that must be done in terms of performance optimization in WordPress (file minification, Gzip compression, image resizing, CDN integration, and so on), so don’t stop at caching. Pagely customers have access to flexible, on-demand image management.

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On the ‘Advanced Options’ screen you’ll have a place where you can enter or change your image title. It can not only automatically optimize your image on the fly but also compress & optimize your previously uploaded bulk images. While you could delete unnecessary pages and image files, clean up the code, and do other performance optimization tricks to get your site’s weight in line, website caching is also an incredibly effective tool. As users grow more and more impatient, you can’t afford to be stingy with performance optimization in WordPress. Your knowledge of wordpress and CSS is staggering and I would recommend you to ANY one who needs a faster website, has a problem with CSS they cannot solve, or need website optimization. In this day and time, even if your website is ecommerce or content based, it will need search engine optimization. The aim of search engine optimization (SEO) is to obtain high-quality traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Learn how to install the fastest and most complete WordPress top plugin for performance optimization plugin. You should be. The infographic demonstrates how important website loading speeds and overall performance are to the user experience.

It’s something that has to be done if you want to impress visitors with your website, but it does take its toll on performance. For example, if you run a WordPress-based website, you will be able to trace how many spiders have latched onto your website by using a plugin such as StatPress Reloaded. Portfolio gives WordPress the ability to run a portfolio section of your website, with images of projects and descriptions of what was involved. All the images we use on our sites and client’s sites are optimized using lossy compression with Imagify. Not only is it essential that you create quality content on a consistent basis, but it MUST be optimized in a way that enables you to be the best answer wherever your customers are searching. The key to mastering SEO is knowing how a search engine reads your website’s content and deals with it for a related web search. The very two for this matter are SEO Yoast and Broken link checker, both we introduced in the must have blogger plugins article.

Yoast SEO for WordPress is considered to be the number one plugin on World Wide Web. • One Page Love: Resource for one page website inspiration. SEO is so important for WordPress websites because they are rarely on the first page of a google search. You must do what Google wants—and what they want is to provide a superior experience for their users. The onboarding experience with Inmotion Hosting is a bit clunkier than Flywheel, but it gets the job done. Site personalization can be a very intimidating experience for users who lack technical expertise. I’ll just be showing you how to apply them quickly and easily to your WordPress site. These three plugin and tools are a good way to improve the SEO WordPress process. Furthermore, it can be argued that a good number only click on the websites at the top of the page. Dipak was able to do this easily and was very good with the communication along the way.

Like other Automattic plugins, this one has simplified the process of caching a WordPress site.

Dipak worked many hours to thoroughly examine the contents and come up with a solution. The work was completed in 4 hours. One drawback in trying to work out how a search engine performs is the truth that they constantly transform. Upgrades that improve the functionality of one feature while disrupting the functionality of another. Like other Automattic plugins, this one has simplified the process of caching a WordPress site. A high bounce rate and a longer average time on site are needed for a website’s longevity. Having the correct keywords in your website’s content is required for having a stronger position in search engines. Discovering, comparing and having the correct keywords is important in maintaining a website’s traffic flow in the long term. We all know that if we are not getting any traffic our websites have no purpose and business will not grow. These three plugins will hopefully enable your website to get more exposure. Certainly use your target keyword a few times (there’s no magic formula but I suggest using your target keyword no than once per 200-300 words) for articles 500 words or more.