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While there are some plug-ins that you can use, most of the time you are on your own for creating good content and for building those back links. WordPress and Magento, both are used for creating online stores.

Diagnosing Performance Issues: Using strace with PHP While there are some plug-ins that you can use, most of the time you are on your own for creating good content and for building those back links. WordPress and Magento, both are used for creating online stores. So if you want to save time creating content, and you don’t want to spend thousands on outsourcing the creation, then you may want to look into blog posting software. The next setting is to make sure you have a Google Analytic account set for your blog and you will need to insert the tracking code in the Analytics Web Property ID field. With the system I use you will develop and maintain your own web site and the hosting will cost you as little as R8.95 per month. There are several, for example, that are designed to detect the viewer’s system and format the website accordingly. Completely customizable: Shared hosting force every user to share their hosting space under the same common operating system and web server, whereas dedicated hosting does not have this restriction and is fully customizable. DreamHost has been around for 18 years, and is known for making web hosting easy.

Many small business owners and webmasters sign up with Fatcow to take advantage of the low cost hosting packages offered by the Company. No doubt, it has got all the ideal options for efficient caching but not at all recommended for shared hosting. Using the W3 Total Cache: You have got a bunch of Caching options. Fortunately, developers have come out with new programs to help speed up your efforts and save you time. We are stating the following whenever we can get a chance: your primary goal is figuring out how to serve the customer better. PHP 7 – as I mentioned before, PHP 7 performs much better than the older PHP 5.X technology used by many shared hosts. Many smartphones have difficulty with Flash Player, and even those that can run it may do so with difficulty, often causing much slower load-times for pages. How To Start A Blog – Google it and you will see millions of ways one can teach to wrote that will get you up and blogging in a matter of minutes.

Errors and redirections – We shall leave the two settings under errors and redirection as they are for now, I will write an article about that soon, keep checking this blog for updates. That means NOT worrying about updates and optimizations. It means not spending hours editing your own website or increasing operational costs with in-house tech. WARNING: Editing the .htaccess file is always risky. You need to design a site, put up unique content, and build back links. It won’t give you unique content, but it will help to your blog with useful information. Keep on checking Nabaleka Blog for more. A cloud provider needs to organize its data centers to ensure it can keep fulfilling requests during power outages, floods, hurricanes and other disasters. Reduce HTTP requests on load by disabling emojis, disabling embeds, and removing query strings. Thus, try to keep as much interface as possible limited to things like buttons and drop-down menus: quick to load and easy to manipulate on a small, handheld device. Job Site without caching is about as much sense as driving to the store with a glass of water whenever thirsty.

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This list is a great place to start if you notice your site slowing down. I see you add lots of free theme list. This list is updated frequently. How to find and fix broken links in WordPress? Find several settings to make our blogs SEO friendly. If you are new to blogging check out my previous post On-Page SEO Tips for Blogger Platform where we discussed on how to write SEO friendly posts. If you don’t want to throw out your existing theme, then the best way to give mobile users an experience that is at least visually similar to the desktop version is to build responsiveness into your theme. This makes your website load slower when a lot of users are visiting it at the same time. This allows you to focus on the parts of the business that you enjoy the most, without spending a lot of money on outsourcing.

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This focus on community-driven CMS platforms is generally seen as positive, and it certainly allows small businesses or self-employed individuals to promote their business easily. With big names such as Amazon and eBay already doing great business, the web has evolved to become a great platform for product and business exposure. Install new plugins and themes on your website without worrying about being exposed to common web attacks and new vulnerabilities that are discovered within plugins. For that, we have to talk about plugins again. If you must change it I suggest you look at the following image I have indicated what you can change and save your settings. Well, the first thing is to learn how to choose a WordPress plugins which can satisfy you. Use of such plugins is an effort-free, simple way to keep one’s site functional and available to smartphone users. Its wide gamut of features, Wordfence is a big favorite of ours as well and it is one of our top recommendations of must have plugins on a WordPress or WooCommerce site. Wordfence really is a great plugin but it can be a demanding on your server resources. However, it is important to consider how cumbersome interacting with things like text-boxes and frustratingly-small ‘check-boxes’ can be on a touch-screen.